Preparing for Your Ultrasound

Preparing for Your Ultrasound

Venous duplex mapping is an important part of defining your venous anatomy, determining where there is venous dysfunction and identifying which opportunities we have to make your legs feel and look better.  This study is almost universally required before any treatment can be offered.  The study takes about 30 minutes per leg to perform.  You will be standing the entire time.  Standing for one hour requires a bit more stamina than most patients expect.  In preparation for your ultrasound please do the following.

Convenient time:  These ultrasounds are best scheduled when symptoms are at their worst.  This may be at the end of the work day, or at certain times in the month.  Scheduling the ultrasound at these times is helpful, but it is generally not necessary to choose an inconvenient time or date.  We will accommodate!!  Also, if there is true underlying venous dysfunction – we will find it!!

Medications:  Please do not make any changes to the prescription medications that you usually take.

Fatigue:  Please get plenty of sleep the night before your ultrasound.

Hypoglycaemia:  Please avoid fasting before your ultrasound.  Do not skip meals before your test.  I strongly recommend eating your last two meals as you would any other day, e.g. Dinner & Breakfast or Breakfast & Lunch.

Dehydration:  Please be sure to be well hydrated.  This is quite important during hot & humid weather and especially if you are also taking diuretic medication (water pills) such as lasix, aldactone, furosemide, etc.  Don’t over do it, but you should not be thirsty when you come for your test.  Drink what you normally drink, water, juice etc.  A bit of caution with coffee and tea since they will usually cause you to lose more water than you actually absorb.

Stockings:  The day of your ultrasound, when you wake up, please do not wear your stockings.  This will allow us to examine your veins in their usual physiologic state without external support.  This will also allow your body to compensate during the day before your ultrasound for the blood that I expect to pool in your legs.  Bring your stockings with you.  We will help you put them back on after your test if you need assistance.

Calendar:  Following your ultrasound, I like to review your results with you if time permits.  It is best to bring your calendar with you so that we can arrive at a plan that fits with your busy schedule.