Preparing for Your Procedure

Preparing for Your Procedure

You have been scheduled for an ultrasound guided endovenous laser ablation, or an ultrasound guided chemical ablation with me, or a visually guided cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment with our experienced nurse.  As with all other visits to the office, please try to be as fit as possible.  Arrive at the office 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.  Sleep well, eat well (light meal), drink well before coming.  Make no changes to your prescription medications unless directed by your primary physician, or me, but please do let me know in any case.   Making your legs look and feel good again usually begins with ultrasound guided endovenous laser ablation(s) followed by a two week pause then ultrasound guided chemical ablation(s) followed by another two week pause.  At that point we consider your underlying venous insufficiency treated.  We confirm this with an ultrasound.  Your symptoms should be improving.  During treatment we may also perform a special ultrasound to be certain that you are not developing any clots in the deep veins of your legs.

Our Nurse will then begin treating you with visually guided cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment(s).  This is the final step in making your legs look the way you want.  Don’t forget, wearing your stockings continues to be an important part of treatment and afterwards one of the only things we can recommend to slow down the appearance of future visible surface veins.

Staining:  Many patients report good results with the topical creams (Arnicare Gel, Hiruval 35, and Bio-Oil) that can be purchased on-line, or at your local pharmacy.  I recommend that patients try these products in a small area to make sure they do not react to them.  You may start to use these products on your legs 3 – 7 days before your first procedure.  Continue using these products if they do not cause you a reaction and if you are pleased with the results and costs.  Patients report to me that staining, bruising and discolouration which we expect to occur following procedure is less prominent and fades more quickly.  Patients with more pigmented skin usually experience more staining and also report the most benefit from especially a combination of Hiruval 35 and Bio-Oil.

Stockings:  Please bring your stockings with you the day of your procedure.  If you are scheduled for an ultrasound guided endovenous laser ablation, or an ultrasound guided chemical ablation with me, I will expect you to be wearing your stockings to the office.  We will put your stockings back on immediately after your procedure.  Stockings will help keep the deep veins as small as possible and reduce swelling which will make it easier for us to treat your deep veins.  If you are coming for visually guided cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment by our Nurse, since the surface veins are much smaller, she prefers that you do not wear your stockings to the clinic.  Bring them with you.  We will put your stockings back on immediately after your procedure.

Shower:  Please shower the morning of your procedure before coming to the office.  Use your normal soap.  Please do not shave your legs.  Please do not apply any creams or lotions.

Migraines:  If you have, or do suffer from migraine headaches, please note that the primary medicine I use during ultrasound guided chemical ablation and that the your nurse will use during visually guided cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment can sometimes, but not always, provoke a migraine headache.  When scheduled for these procedures, I recommend that you bring your usual migraine medications with you!!!  Some patients know when they are getting a migraine and can abort a full migraine if they take their migraine medications in time.  Secondly, I prefer to schedule these treatments when I know that you will not be forced to drive long distances, or work long shifts afterwards.  If you do develop migraine headaches, it is best to not schedule these procedures when you know that a strenuous day awaits you.  It is important to remember though, only a small percentage of patients with migraines suffer migraines following these procedures.

Consent: Because time is limited, and because I look forward to answering all of your questions, please read the information packet that you were given at your first visit.  It contains useful information.  It will help you develop appropriate questions.  Before your procedure, you will be asked to sign a formal consent.

Call us:  Please do not hesitate to call us with questions before or after treatments.  I often like to schedule a time when we can talk on the telephone before your procedure to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  This is part of the consent and will make your visit to the office pass more quickly.  Call us at  We are happy to schedule a convenient time during the business day when I can spend 10-15 minutes on the telephone with you to be certain that you are fully informed.