How to wear your stockings

How to wear your stockings

Stockings (Graduated Medical Compression Stockings) are a critically important component of your treatment and overall vein health.  Your insurer requires that you wear stockings before and during your treatment.  Patients with a tendency to develop venous insufficiency and its associated complications are those who will benefit the most if they continue to wear their stockings.  If varicose veins run in the family, if you developed varicose veins at an early age, if you work in an occupation, or have a lifestyle that involves long periods of standing, or sitting you have the most to benefit from continued use of some type of support stockings even beyond the treatment phase.  I suggest that you keep and wear your stockings after treatment is complete whenever it is convenient and whenever you expect to be sitting or standing for long periods of time, e.g. prolonged air/car travel, working long shifts.  There are many styles that go well with a variety of lifestyles.

Which style??  During treatment, the thigh high stockings are very convenient.  They are easy for us to remove and don at the end of the procedure.  They are easily washable.  Support for the thigh is desireable during treatment.  Between treatments, wear what you can wear.  Mix it up so that it fits your lifestyle.  When inconvenient, wear the compression socks.  When you need to dress up, wear the panty hose.  When casual, wear the leggings.  When you can’t stand them, take a day off.  With time, you will discover what fits, how to care for them, which styles you prefer, and which days stockings will have the most impact on your symptoms if you have them.  They will help to slow the progression venous insufficiency.

The day of and the night of your procedure, please wear your stockings that day, keep them on that night.  In the morning take them off, bathe/shower as per your routine and put them back.  Continue to wear your stockings during the day, off at night as per the routine.  If you have another procedure a following day, like before sleep with them on that night, then resume the routine habit of on during the day and off at night.

Your stockings should make you & your legs feel better, NOT WORSE!!
If they make you you feel worse, please call us!!  It may be that’s what we expect for a short time after treatment, or the stockings may not be properly fitted, or you should not be wearing stockings for other medical reasons.  Let us know so that we can properly advise you.

Wear your stockings for six to eight hours a day!!
Generally, I recommend wearing your stockings during the waking hours of the day when you are likely to be standing, or sitting for prolonged periods of time.  Wear them for as long as comfortable, even longer than eight hours if it is not uncomfortable.  You may take a rest for an hour, or so when you can get off your feet if you like.  There is no need to sleep with the stockings unless you are specifically instructed to do so by our office.  We ask that you wear your stockings overnight the night following your procedure.

Always bring your stockings with you and/or wear them when you visit our office!!
The laser and injection treatments are most effective when the stockings are worn immediately after treatments.  Wear them the whole day, take a brief rest when you can get off your feet, then wear them the night of treatment while sleeping.  The next day, as usual wear them six to eight hours a day as described above.  The likelihood of trapped blood, bruising and discolouration will be reduced if you wear your stockings after treatments.

Your size may change over time!!
As patients undergo treatment, it is possible that the swelling they used to experience will improve.  Over time, it can happen that your size changes, or that the stockings stretch out.  If your stockings are getting loose, or falling down, it may be time to remeasure you for correctly sized stockings.  Stockings that are too small are uncomfortable and potentially harmful.  Stockings that are too big are not as effective as they should be and may not stay in place.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions!!
An additional pair of stockings may make it easier to always feel fresh.  Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the maintenance of your stockings.  Proper laundering and care will make them last as long as possible.

There are many options and styles of Graduated Medical Compression Stockings!!
It is important that wearing stockings does not interfere with your lifestyle, or how you feel you look, or how you dress and exercise.  Please ask us.  Stocking manufacturers are innovative and creative today and have many solutions.  They just shouldn’t get in your way any more.

SIGVARIS DOFF N’ DONNER!! – Device for all compression socks and stockings.
The SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner is a soft device that allows you to quickly guide a compression sock or stocking up and down your leg or arm, making it simple to don and remove all styles of graduated compression. The SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner is perfect for both self-donning and caregiver use.

SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner Cone – This device acts as a loading device and makes it easy to roll stockings onto the SIGVARIS Doff N’ Donner. The base has suction built into the bottom and will firmly attach to most clean, soft surfaces. (Sold separately)

How It Works Videos / Rolling a compression garment onto the device: